Connecting an Icon Room Video Conferencing System to Lifesize Cloud

Connecting with Lifesize cloud is simple and easy for all users, even those with no prior video conferencing experience. By connecting Lifesize Cloud to a Lifesize® Icon™ room video conferencing system, you’ll get all the added benefits of a shared directory, virtual meeting rooms, firewall traversal and automatic software updates. 

Lifesize Cloud truly delivers the connected experience. Watch this video to learn how to connect the award-winning Lifesize Icon room video system to Lifesize Cloud.

Innovation is in our DNA at Lifesize and we constantly look for ways to continually provide the best video conferencing experience. Our product, Lifesize Cloud, is the only video conferencing solution that lets everyone grab a seat at any meeting from virtually any device, anywhere, and still feel as though they’re together in the same room. Lifesize delivers all this flexibility and freedom without compromising on our commitment to delivering the highest quality video calls.

With Lifesize Cloud, calling is as quick as touching a button, and integration is as simple as plugging into the internet. High-quality video calls can be made from a conference room, sales desk, home office, or even on the go. Lifesize Cloud allows users to make video calls and connect together from virtually any device—even a smartphone! The ability to make video calls the way you want from the device you prefer is the freedom Lifesize is excited to offer through Lifesize Cloud.