Lifesize Live Stream One Pager

How do you bring everyone in your organization together to make sure your message is heard?

Company-wide meetings, executive updates and training sessions are critical communication events for any organization. They help connect people and improve productivity by ensuring everyone is focused on the priorities of the business. But the logistics of getting everyone together can be complex and costly, especially if people are in different offices across multiple locations. Enter Lifesize Live Stream — presentations come alive and employees are engaged when speakers can be seen on video, share their screens and answer real-time questions. Take your event beyond the office by live streaming to tens, hundreds or even thousands of people. Now that’s powerful.

With Lifesize Live Stream, IT pros have more ways to empower their organizations to connect and collaborate effectively — all through one provider and one easy-to-use, secure solution. Lifesize Live Stream provides unmatched flexibility, broad accessibility and exceptional simplicity to foster more effective communication throughout your organization.

Use Cases

  • Company meetings
  • Executive updates
  • Trainings and classes


Enable any of your Lifesize virtual meeting rooms for simultaneous live stream events. Lifesize Live Stream offers the best value — stream the way you want.

Reach wider audiences

Expand the reach and impact of company meetings and important events. Up to 10,000 viewers can watch from a variety of browsers and mobile devices no matter where they happen to be.


  • Live stream meetings to up to 10,000 viewers
  • Enable any of your Lifesize virtual meeting rooms for simultaneous live stream events
  • Set viewing permissions for secure live streaming
  • Access streamlined Admin Console reporting
  • Watch from a variety of browsers and mobile devices
  • Engage through real-time Q&A*

Brilliant and effortless experience

Lifesize Live Stream was designed with simplicity in mind. It’s integrated with the Lifesize App, making it easy to get started. Moderators can quickly and easily start a live stream from anywhere. Seamlessly join events as a presenter from Lifesize® Icon™ conference room systems for a broadcast-quality experience

Simple and secure

Lifesize Live Stream offers simplified and flexible management for the IT pro. Quickly and easily enable any Lifesize virtual meeting room for encrypted live streaming and set permissions. Via the Admin Console, you can generate the link for the event, monitor streaming utilization and access event and attendee reporting.

Spread the word

The power of Lifesize Live Stream is greatly enhanced with Lifesize Record and Share so you can easily record and share your live stream events on-demand and build a personal video library. The possibilities are truly endless.

NOTE: Feature availability and price vary by subscription plan, selected options, and paired devices