Lifesize Live Stream Overview

Lifesize® Live Stream gives you the ability to turn any Lifesize virtual meeting room into a streamable meeting room capable of broadcasting to up to 10,000 viewers. Live streams are launched with a single click by the event moderator, and viewers are able to join from any location, browser or device without having to download any special apps or plug-ins. After the live event is over, you even have the ability to share a link to the hosted recording to anyone unable to make the live event.

Live streaming is perfect for large audiences in keynotes, town hall meetings, orientations, awkward company dances — really any time you need to reach as many people as possible with your life-changing company message.

With Lifesize Live Stream, organizations and their IT admins can:

  • Enable unlimited simultaneous events with up to 10,000 viewers and 50 video-enabled sites per event. 
  • Deliver professional broadcast streaming quality through Lifesize HD camera and phone systems for any conference room paired with the cloud-based Lifesize software application.
  • Easily monitor and report on utilization, attendance and Q&A transcript from an admin console.
  • Automatically generate an invitation link for viewers and set viewing permissions (public, private, group-only).
  • Record and share both video and content or build a personal video library with Lifesize Record & Share.
  • Maximize value with a grow-as-you-go pricing structure.
  • Enable viewing from a variety of browsers (Chrome™, Firefox®, Safari®, Internet Explorer® and Microsoft Edge™) and mobile devices (iOS and Android™).