Lifesize Record and Share One Pager

Recording and Sharing Is Just a Click Away

At last, the ability to record a video call or meeting and immediately share the conversation with others inside and outside of the organization comes to business. Introducing Lifesize Record and Share. Recording and sharing is just a click away.

Recordings are the new shareables, and only Lifesize makes it so simple and remarkable that anyone can use it.

Lifesize Record and Share is the most powerful cloud-based one-click recording, sharing and auto-publishing solution. It lets users capture important meetings, conversations, events, ideas and even important milestones and instantly share them. That’s right, your video auto-publishes immediately, and everyone in the conversation will have the recording in their personal video library.


  • One-click recording
  • Auto-publishing
  • Instant playback
  • Video access controls at the account level and user level
  • Personal video library for every user
  • Security in-flight and in storage

Use Cases

The uses for video recording and sharing are only limited by your imagination. This list isn’t comprehensive, but it can inspire your thinking about how you can use it to be more productive.

Executive CommunicationsTown hall meetingsCorporate announcementsTeam MeetingsBetter collaboration with partners and customersRecorded discussions for playback when neededTrainingNew hire orientationSales training and demonstrations

TrainingNew hire orientationSales training and demonstrationsEngineeringDaily standupProject reviewsLegalDepositionsTestimonyK–12 Schools, Universities, Colleges
Distance learning and flipped classroomsPlayback for aid in studying and exam prep

You Control Your Recordings

Only Lifesize Record and Share provides every user their very own personal video library. Videos are logically organized by date, yet users have the autonomy to move and retitle them, “like” popular videos and flag videos to watch later. For the videos you own, you can also share them with anyone inside your organization. And if your Lifesize admin has enabled sharing outside of your company, you can send videos to partners, vendors and others.

Simple for Users and IT

Lifesize Record and Share is the only recording and sharing solution available on laptops, tablets, smartphones and our own Lifesize® Icon™ conference room systems. It looks and functions the same across all of the devices. Lifesize Record and Share also provides intuitive access controls for groups and individuals, requiring no IT expertise or training.

Secure as a Safety Deposit Box

Lifesize is serious about security. Your videos are always encrypted; that includes during the recording and while stored in personal video libraries. Only colleagues and others who have been granted viewing permission by the owner can watch the video. We’re serious about security and always encrypt.