Lifesize Share Live Demo

Join Lifesize Senior Director of Product Josh Duncan as he shares a closer look at our new wireless presentation solution, Lifesize Share. In this 30-minute session he’ll cover real-world use cases, provide a live demonstration and answer your questions about the small wireless sharing device that’s making a huge impact in meeting rooms around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do I need to have a user account to use Lifesize Share? Can guests use it?
A. A Lifesize account is not required to use Lifesize Share. Guests can present as long as they are connected to the network. 

Q. Do users have to be connected to the internet to use Lifesize Share?
A. Yes. An internet connection is required to set up and use Lifesize Share.

Q. Do guests have to access my corporate network in order to present?
A. Lifesize Share can provide an additional wireless access point (WAP) by broadcasting a wireless SSID signal to which your guests can connect. Admins can select the type of access available and have the option to disable this feature. Learn more about advanced configurations.

Q. When in wireless access point mode, does Lifesize Share transmit on a specific channel?
A. Yes, Lifesize Share transmits on channel 6.

Q. Does Lifesize Share need to be connected to a Lifesize conference room system?
A. No, you can connect Lifesize Share directly to any display or connect to your Lifesize® Icon™ or other conference room systems.

Q. Can I use Lifesize Share with third-party conference room systems (Cisco/Polycom)?
A. Lifesize Share can work with any conference room system that has an HDMI-in display port and support for 1080p.

Q. How do users connect to Lifesize Share in the meeting room?
A. Users connect to Lifesize Share using your company’s share URL. You can configure your share URL in the centralized management interface. Lifesize example:

Q. How do I manage several Lifesize Share devices?
A. We make it easy on IT with a centralized management interface for control of all of the Lifesize Share devices on your network. This is a separate tool from the Lifesize Admin Console.

Q. Do meeting participants have to connect to Lifesize Share before starting a call?
A. No. Users can connect anytime to access the manage files utility or prepare to share. However, only one person can share their screen at a given time.

Q. How many people can present at a time?
A. Connected users can take turns presenting one at a time, and meetings can be easily managed with the multiuser sharing queue.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of devices that can be paired to Lifesize Share?
A. Theoretically, yes. However, the number is very high, and it would take a stadium’s worth of meeting attendees to reach the limit. Your typical conference room or even all-hands auditorium will be just fine!

Q. When using “Share your screen” or “Manage files,” does the media you share go out to the internet?
A. No, when using “Share your screen” or “Manage files,” media shared from your laptop to Lifesize Share stays on the local area network.

Q. Can Lifesize Share work on multiple screens simultaneously?
A. Lifesize Share has a single HDMI out but can be connected to a splitter to mirror the display to multiple screens.

Q. How do I upgrade the software on Lifesize Share?
A. Lifesize Share includes automatic feature updates and patches, so no IT intervention is required.

Q. How much does a Lifesize Share device cost?
Lifesize Share is available at $499 with a two-year maintenance contract or $599 for three years.

Q. What is the supported resolution and frame rate?
A. With Lifesize Share you can share your screen at up to 1080p30, and you can play back videos at up to 1080p60.

Q. Does Lifesize Share support mobile devices? 
A. Yes, you can stream video or share a file from your mobile phone.

Q. What browsers does Lifesize Share support?
A. Lifesize Share supports major browsers (Google Chrome™, Internet Explorer® 11, Microsoft® Edge, Safari®), but Chrome will provide the best performance. Screen sharing is only available from Chrome with the Lifesize Chrome Extension; sharing a file or streaming video is available on all other supported browsers.

Q. Does Lifesize Share support static IPs?
A. No, but this feature is planned for a future release.

Q. Is it possible to configure a dedicated IP address to the Lifesize Share device?
A. No, but this feature is planned for a future release.

Q. Are firewall considerations needed for outbound/inbound internet traffic?
A. Check out our help documentation for firewall considerations.

Q. How close does a laptop/phone need to be to use Lifesize Share?
A. Distance doesn’t matter as long as you are on the same network. Ultrasonic pairing requires the machine to be nearby, but the PIN code method would work just fine.