Playback and Sharing with Lifesize Record and Share

Watch this video to learn more about how to playback and share a video call using Lifesize Record and Share. Now that you’ve recorded your video call, the next step is to view and share it! With Lifesize, you have your own personal video library, just visit Log in, select “Video Feed” to see all the videos that you have permission to view, “My Videos” to view any videos that you’ve created, or “Watch List” to view videos that you flagged to watch later.

Sharing is a snap! Just click the share button and choose your audience: you can share just with people in your organization, publicly, or specify a group. You can also apply the sharing permissions you chose to all of the videos in that series. In addition to sharing, you can flag a video to watch later and “like” your most popular videos. You can also download or delete any video in your “My Videos” tab. Playing and sharing your videos is really that simple.