Lifesize Chat Integrations for Slack and HipChat

With Lifesize chat integrations, you can easily continue your conversation over HD quality video and start a meeting right from HipChat or Slack. Once enabled, type in /lifesize and a link will be displayed to join a Lifesize virtual meeting room — just click the link and you’re in!

Attendees will join from their web browser via the Lifesize web app. And just like all other Lifesize meetings, guests are always free — so team members without Lifesize accounts are of course welcome.

HipChat and Slack are the latest additions to our business collaboration tool integrations. Like Microsoft® Outlook®, Skype® for Business, IBM Sametime® and standards-based video systems, we’re creating a solution that’s flexible around your existing workflows to allow you to reach more people face-to-face while enjoying our best-in-class meeting room experience.

Check out the Slack and HipChat product integration pages for more information.