Lifesize Dash

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Kiosk Mode (Chromebox)

Configuring your Chromebox device for kiosk mode is recommended to limit user behavior that can potentially interfere with the availability and operation of your Lifesize Dash room.

When kiosk mode is enabled, your Chromebox device will:

  • Boot directly to Lifesize Dash upon startup
  • Only allow users to access Lifesize Dash

Enable Kiosk Mode 

When you set up kiosk mode for your Chromebox device, you will need to access your Google Enterprise user account.

  1. Sign in to to configure. 
  2. Go to Devices > Chrome Management.
  3. Select Device Settings.
  4. Under Kiosk Settings, click on Manage Kiosk Applications.
  5. Navigate to Lifesize Dash in the Chrome Web Store or manually enter the following ID under Specify Custom App: fdblmhjhmdkejipglnfkhnbdbgkpbjep
  6. Click Save.
  7. In the Kiosk Settings window, set Public Session Kiosk to Do not allow Public Session Kiosk and set Auto-Launch Kiosk App to Lifesize Dash.

Once the Device Settings have been configured, you will need to enroll the Chromebox under your Chrome Enterprise account. Once enrolled, your Chromebox will refer to the updated settings automatically and should boot directly to Lifesize Dash on launch.

Note: If your Chromebox has been set up previously, you will need to perform a factory reset. Refer to the following Google support article for instructions:

To enroll your Chromebox device:

  1. Turn on the Chromebox device and follow the on-screen instructions until you reach the sign-in screen — do not sign in yet. If you see the enrollment screen instead of the sign-in screen, skip to Step 4 below.
  2. Choose an option to proceed to the enrollment screen.
  3. Press Ctrl + Alt + E.
  4. Click More options > Enterprise enrollment.
  5. Enter the username and password from your Google admin welcome letter or enter the username and password for a Google Account that is eligible to enroll.
  6. If prompted, enter the asset ID and location, then click Next.
  7. When you receive a confirmation message that the Chromebox device is enrolled successfully, click Done.

Exit Kiosk Mode

To turn off kiosk mode:

  1. Power off the Chromebox device, then power back on.
  2. While the Chromebox device is booting, press Ctrl + Alt + S to turn kiosk mode off and display the regular sign-in screen.

Note: Device configuration instructions are made available for convenience during setup. For the most current information regarding the features of third-party hardware devices, please refer to the applicable manufacturer or developer documentation.