Lifesize Room Controller App

Last Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Using Room Controller

This section provides user information for the Lifesize Room Controller app, including call management and meeting control. For instructions on how to connect a tablet with Room Controller to your room system, please refer to the Room Controller setup section.


Upon launch of the Room Controller app, you will be presented with the Meet screen, which includes the name and ID of your room system. From this screen, you can:

  • Find and call a contact, room system, or meeting in your directory by typing a name, phone number, or meeting ID into the search bar.
  • See upcoming events on your connected calendar and join meetings that are in progress or next on your schedule.
  • View active meetings currently taking place, favorites for the connected room system, and the recent call history.

To navigate to a different page of the Room Controller, tap the desired menu item at the left of the tablet screen. Available pages include:

  • Present to share your screen or content from your device via wired or wireless connection (depending on your room configuration).
  • Directory to search and call contacts, room systems, and meetings associated with your account.
  • Calendar to view events on the connected calendar for your room system.
  • Camera to access camera controls and manage camera presets for your room system (if supported).
  • Settings to view system information, manage preferences, and configure applicable settings for your room.