Lifesize Room Controller App

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2023

During a Call

Action buttons

When you start a call or join a meeting, you have one-button control over the following:

  • Microphone to mute/unmute audio.
  • Video to turn the camera on/off.
  • Present to start/stop presentation from your computer or mobile device.
  • Record to start/stop recording if enabled for your account.
  • Show/Hide PIP to show or hide the picture-in-picture display.
  • Do Not Disturb to enable/disable the ability to receive calls.

Volume slider

Adjust the volume by using the volume slider, sliding left to decrease and sliding right to increase.

End call

To end the call or leave the meeting, tap the red button to hang up.

Activity panels

The following panels can be opened by tapping the corresponding icons in the vertical menu bar:

  • Add participants by tapping the incall-add-ch, then typing the name of the contact, room system, or meeting to add into the search bar.
  • View participants by tapping the meeting-ch.
  • Access camera controls by tapping the. You can move the camera using the pan-tilt-zoom controls available to your room system, as well as create and edit presets.
  • View call details by tapping the info.
  • Access the keypad by tapping  manual-dial , then dial a number, extension, or meeting ID.

Depending on your room system and call context, Layouts may also be available to select. Use this to configure the output display to show participants, presentation, or split view.