Lifesize Room Controller App

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2023


From the Present page, you can share your screen or present content from your computer or mobile device to an in-room display.

  1. Tap Present in the left menu.
  2. When your room system is properly configured, the Room Controller app will automatically detect the available methods for presenting, to include:
    • Via Wired connection if presenting requires plugging an HDMI cable into your computer.
    • Via Browser or Apple AirPlay if a wireless connection for presenting is available (such as through a connected Lifesize Share device).
  3. After a connection is established and you perform the applicable steps for your computer or mobile device, you will start presenting to the in-room display.

In addition to stopping presentation directly from your computer or mobile device, presentation can be stopped from the Room Controller app by tapping the Stop Presentation button.