Lifesize Share

Last Updated: Jan 09, 2023

Admin Functions

Edit Lifesize Share account settings

To edit an account, you must be signed in as an Admin.

  1. To modify the Lifesize Share account settings, click Admin settings and make the desired changes to the Account Name or CNAME (optional).
  2. Click Save when you have finished making your changes.

Modify a Lifesize Share

When you have completed registering your Lifesize Share, you can modify any or all of the device settings. To edit a device, you must be signed in as an Admin.

  1. Select a Lifesize Share from the device list.
  2. Click the  edit beside the device name and the Lifesize Share Device Setup window opens.
  3. Edit or leave the following as is:
    • Device name
    • Code Policy: Ask every time, Ask only once, Ask every 30 days, Never ask. This refers to how often the pairing code needs to be entered when connecting to the device.
    • Frame Rate: 30 or 60 frames per second (FPS).
    • Display Timeout (minutes): default (10 seconds),5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60, Never. Sets the time for how long until the display goes to sleep.
    • Enable Overscan: Overscan is disabled by default. Enabling Overscan may cause the proportions of an image to not match the proportions of the screen where the image is displayed. 
    • Enable Airplay: AirPlay is disabled by default. Enabling AirPlay allows you to share your screen from Apple® devices.
    • Enable/Disable Wireless. Enabling allows you to connect Lifesize Share to a Wi-Fi network or configure a wireless access point for guests.
    • Wireless Mode. NOTE: When in wireless access point mode, Lifesize Share transmits on channel 6.
      • Connect to Existing Wireless Network – select your network from the available options.
      • Broadcast Wireless AP – allows access to the corporate network.
      • Broadcast Wireless AP – Internet Only – allows internet access through the network the device creates.
      • Broadcast Wireless AP – Device Only – only share to the device, no internet access.
    • SSID
      • If connecting to an existing network, select the SSID.
      • If creating a separate wireless access point, assign an SSID name.
    • Use Password (for a wireless network)
      • If yes, assign a Passphrase.
  4. Click Submit.

From this screen, you can use the following for troubleshooting: Reboot deviceSend device logs to support and Create reverse SSH tunnel for support accessNOTE: Selecting any of these options automatically starts the action.

Delete a Lifesize Share

To delete a Lifesize Share, you must be signed in as an Admin.

  1. Select a Lifesize Share from the device list.
  2. Click the cancel-remove beside the device name and then click Delete to confirm the deletion.

For your convenience, we have created a table tent template to assist users on how to connect to the Lifesize Share device