Lifesize Share

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Getting started for admins

IMPORTANT: If you have firewall rules in place, you must configure your firewall to allow access from your network to the destination ports listed here.

Install Lifesize Share

  1. Select which device to connect to your Lifesize Share.
    1. Option 1: Connect Lifesize Share with a Lifesize Icon
      1. Connect the Lifesize Share to the included HDMI cable and your Lifesize Icon system’s HDMI input for presentation (marked with the image of a computer).
      2. Make sure your Lifesize Icon and the display it is attached to are both turned on and configured.
    2. Option 2: Connect Lifesize Share with a display
      1. Connect the Lifesize Share to the included HDMI cable and your display’s HDMI input.
      2. Make sure the display it is attached to is turned on.
  2. Insert the included power adapter cable into the power port on the back of the Lifesize Share and plug the power adapter into a power outlet. 
  3. Set up your Lifesize Share over a wired connection.
    1. Insert the included Ethernet network cable into the network port on the Lifesize Share.
    2. Insert the opposite end of the network cable into an active port on your network. NOTE: Your wired network must have a DHCP server to complete registration.
    3. After connecting your Lifesize Share to a wired network, open a web browser on your computer and go to the web page shown to finish setting up your Lifesize Share. Ex:
     Register Lifesize Share
    1. If you already have a Lifesize Share account, Sign in and skip to step 3 below. If this is your first Lifesize Share or you want to create a new account, click Sign up at the bottom of the form to begin the registration process for a Lifesize Share account.
      1. To create a new account, enter your email address and a password.
      2. Click Sign up. Lifesize sends an email to the email address you entered.
      3. Enter the verification code emailed to you.
      4. Click Confirm Account.
      5. Enter an Account Name. For example, This is the URL to access the Lifesize Share.
      6. Optional: Enter a CNAME.
      7. Click Save. You can change the account settings later by clicking Admin Settings from the device list page.
    2. Name your device and click Save. The device is now registered. NOTE: Lifesize recommends giving your Lifesize Share the same name as the room in which it is installed.
    3. Click Continue to start using Lifesize Share or click Modify Settings to edit the Lifesize Share settings.