Lifesize Share

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Deployment options

Lifesize Share is a network device that allows you to wirelessly share your screen or content. There are multiple setup and deployment scenarios that vary based on your network environment.

NOTE: If you have multiple Lifesize Share devices, they should all be on the same network.

Device configurations

  • Wired only: Connect Lifesize Share to your corporate or guest network to enable wireless media sharing leveraging your existing wireless network.
  • Wireless only: Connect Lifesize Share to your corporate or guest wireless networks to facilitate wireless media sharing. Please note that the wired configuration is recommended for the best performance as some wireless networks may not be strong enough to support wireless sharing.
  • Wired + Wireless Access Point (AP) Mode: The wired connection enables users on in-house networks while Lifesize Share acts as a wireless guest network to enable wireless media sharing in your conference rooms.
  • Wired + Wireless client: Lifesize Share will default to utilize the wired connection using either Scenario 1, 2, or 3 depending on how you have configured the device for your network. Only if the wired connection fails, will it utilize the wireless client and require a manual reboot of the device to switch over. If the wired connection becomes active again, your Lifesize Share device automatically switches back to the wired connection and stops utilizing the wireless client without requiring a reboot.