Lifesize Share

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2023


Combining the Kaptivo whiteboard camera system with Lifesize Share brings the creativity and flexibility of whiteboarding to your video conferencing experience. Kaptivo attaches to any standard dry-erase whiteboard or glass board, captures the written content in real time and, when paired with Lifesize Share, sends a clear, sharp, and accurate image directly and automatically to remote meeting participants. There’s no training required and no change to the way you work.

Install and pair Kaptivo

Please review all instructions before installation. In addition to included product components, you will need access to a power source, network connection, and a computer or mobile device.

  1. Open and install the Lifesize Share device according to product setup instructions.
  2. Open and install the Kaptivo camera system according to product setup instructions.
  3. Once Lifesize Share and Kaptivo are installed, access the Lifesize Share device. Open a web browser and go to your Lifesize Share URL (for example, or
  4. Select the edit icon to the right of a Lifesize Share from the device list. The Lifesize Share device settings page displays.
  5. Scroll down to the Applications section and click Pair for Kaptivo.
  6. Enter the six-digit device code stamped on the Kaptivo camera unit and click Submit.
  7. To finish installation, press the flashing blue button on the Kaptivo control pad when directed. Your Kaptivo system is now ready to use with Lifesize Share!