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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2022

In-call statistics

You can collect information during a call. From the Lifesize app, after you start the call, select Call > StatisticsNOTE: In-call statistics are not available in the Lifesize web app.

Statistics include audio and video transmit and receive data such as bandwidth and packet loss. This data commonly indicates the cause of problems you may experience during a call. Statistics also include presentation transmit data.

Video statistics include:

  • resolution, in pixels, of the video image transmitted or received
  • the video codec
  • the amount of video data transferred per second in kilobits
  • the video frame rate in frames per second

Audio statistics include:

  • the audio codec used
  • the amount of audio data transferred per second in kilobits
  • the amount of audio data packets transferred or received per second in kilobytes.

Audio and video statistics both include:

  • jitter, which shows the variation, in milliseconds, in the time between packets arriving
  • the number of packets of data that fail to reach their destination in the last sampling interval
  • the number of packets lost since the beginning of the call
  • the percentage of packets lost in the last sampling interval

If you want to save the statistics, copy them to your clipboard and then paste into a document.