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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Chat with someone

Chat with your Lifesize contacts at any time. You can chat with an individual in your Lifesize account group or participate in group chat in a meeting room.

When you chat with someone, the chat conversation displays on the Chat page. The Chat page maintains your chat history and displays the most recent chat. You can remove chats from the Chat page, but your chat history is not deleted.

You can have multiple chat sessions, each with an individual participant. Each person you chat with appears in the left column, and chat content appears in the adjacent conversation pane. Select a different name in the left column to switch between conversations.

Instantly chat with a contact

You can instantly start a chat upon logging in to your Lifesize app by using the search option.

Search for a contact or meeting name by entering the first few characters in the search box, then highlight the name and click chat-rain to launch Chat. The Chat page opens to display the chat conversation.

Start a chat from your Contacts directory

When you view the calling details for a contact in your directory, you can start a chat from the calling card by clicking chat-rain.

Start a new chat

You can compose a new chat with someone with whom you have not previously chatted.

  1. Click chat-rain Chat.
  2. Click the compose button compose, and then enter the contact’s name or a meeting name.The conversation pane shows the active conversation. If not actively engaged in a conversation, the Chat page always displays the last conversation you had with the selected contact or meeting room.
  3. Begin typing your chat message in the conversation pane.
  4. If you want to start a video call with the contact you are chatting with, click video-rain.  If you want to see other options, such as make an audio call, schedule a meeting or view participants in a group chat, select from the options menu kebab-rain.

Chat with a group in a meeting room

You can group chat with other members of your Lifesize group by joining them in a meeting room. To join a group chat, choose the meeting room and click chat-rain to join. Users can group chat both in and out of a call. People outside of your Lifesize account can participate in chat as well during a permanent meeting as a guest. Guests can only view messages that are sent while they are an active participant, and cannot see chat history prior to their joining. 

To start a group chat:

  • On the Meetings page, highlight the meeting name and click chat-rain.
  • On the Chat page, click compose compose and then enter the meeting name. The names of participants in the chat appear in the right-side pane.

Participant names are listed on the right, along with their online status.

Chat history is maintained in the meeting room, and others who join the meeting room later can read the chat history. Chat history cannot be deleted.

NOTE: Chat is not available currently for meeting rooms that use a passcode.

You can participate in multiple group and individual chat sessions at the same time. You will see notifications for incoming chats in both the Chat list and the navigation panel. Switch between chats by selecting an individual or meeting name in the left column.