Web and Desktop App

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Share your screen or presentation

  1. During a call or meeting, click share-screen to start sharing your desktop. If someone else is presenting, they will need to stop their presentation before you can begin yours.
  2. Select your desktop or a window to share. Click Share

You will see  when you are sharing your screen. Participants in the call see share-screen when they are viewing your presentation. Use the arrows between the presentation and call windows to resize them.

Click  to stop sharing.

NOTE: If you are using the Lifesize web app in your Chrome browser, and are on a Chrome version less than Chrome 73, you must download the Google Chrome extension for Lifesize first in order to share a presentation. 

You can share your presentation on multiple screens. The Pop-out presentation icon  in the lower right corner displays when you hover over the presentation. Click the icon and you can move and resize the presentation window separately from the video window. The video automatically adjusts the layout for the participants on the call.