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Last Updated: Jan 05, 2023

Live Stream

For Viewers

Invited Lifesize users, as well as guests, can join a Live Stream event by clicking the link provided in the invitation.

  • Lifesize users will be able to log in or will be redirected to the Live Stream event if already logged in. If the invitation includes a passcode, you must enter the passcode to enter the event. NOTE: The event passcode is not the same as the meeting passcode.
  • Guests must enter their name before being able to watch the Live Stream event.

If the Live Stream event does not appear after joining, the Live Stream event may not have been enabled by the moderator yet. Click Refresh to start streaming in your browser, or wait for the event to automatically refresh.

NOTE: The Live Stream event has about a 30-second delay from the live meeting. This delay is attributable to limitations of the streaming technology and is common among streaming sites, like YouTube, for example.

For Live Stream Presenters

Join the Lifesize Live Stream-enabled meeting just like you would join any other Lifesize meeting

For Moderators and Meeting Owners

Start a Live Stream

When Lifesize Live Stream is enabled and a Live Stream event has been created, either the meeting owner or moderator can start the event.

NOTE: Make sure a Lifesize user or Lifesize Icon conference room system has joined the meeting before enabling streaming.

  1. Click the streaming link or paste it into your browser address bar, and the Live Stream page opens.
  2. Click Enable Stream to start streaming to viewers. The stream is visible to viewers in typically one to two minutes.

Moderate Q&A

Either the meeting owner or moderator can manage questions during the Live Stream event when Q&A is enabled, unless Auto-approve all incoming questions is set for the event.

When Auto-approve is enabled for the meeting, all questions submitted through the Q&A panel will be visible to viewers without first being reviewed and approved by the moderator. The Auto-approve option is disabled by default. When enabled, it applies to all Live Stream events of that meeting, unless you disable it.

The moderator panel is organized as follows:

  • Pending — Questions submitted to the moderator, which may be Rejected or Approved for response. For example, a question may be rejected if not relevant to the discussion.
  • Published — Questions that have been reviewed by the moderator and approved for response, or are auto-approved.

Questions approved for response appear in the Published list and are visible to participants. The moderator answers by typing a response and clicking Send.

NOTE: You can undock the Questions panel and manage Q&A in a stand-alone window if you prefer not to watch the Live Stream event and be in the live meeting at the same time. If you undock and inadvertently close the Questions panel, go back to the Live Stream page and refresh it.