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Last Updated: Jan 05, 2023

One-time meetings

One-time meetings are single-use meeting spaces that are intended for non-recurring events. Meetings expire 24 hours after the meeting begins.

By default, one-time meetings are private, hidden from the global Meetings directory and only visible to the Meeting Owner and Moderator, but Admins and Super Users can make one-time meetings visible in the directory for events that do not need to be hidden.

To schedule a one-time meeting from the Lifesize app:

  1. Log in to your Lifesize app and click Schedule.
  2. Under Where should the participants call? select One-time meeting to create a single-use, private meeting.
  3. Enter a meeting name.
  4. Type or select a meeting Moderator.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select how you want to share the invitation from the following:
    • email Email to send a calendar invitation from your default desktop email application.
    • schedule Calendar to send an invitation to a calendar application. This opens your default calendar application to create the event.
      NOTE: The Lifesize web app downloads a calendar file that you need to open in order to add it to your calendar.
    • clipboard Clipboard to copy the full email invitation to your clipboard (for example, if you want to save the invitation to use later).
    • Copy next to the meeting link to copy only the link.
  7. Invitees click the meeting link in their invitation to join the meeting.

To schedule a one-time meeting from the Lifesize Outlook add-in, see Schedule meetings from Microsoft Outlook

One-time meetings in the Lifesize app

One-time meetings are only visible to the moderator and the meeting owner in the Lifesize app unless they have been unhidden by an Admin or Super User. You can view, edit, or join a one-time meeting from your Meetings directory. An hourglass icon represents one-time meetings in the Meetings directory. Recently attended one-time meetings also appear in your Recent list.

NOTE: Chat is currently not available in one-time meetings.