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Last Updated: Jan 05, 2023

Create a meeting room

A Lifesize Meeting is a cloud-based meeting room and is perfect for regularly scheduled or recurring events. Once created, it is always available, and participants can join at any time.

  1. Click avatar-meeting Meetings in the navigation panel, then click Create a Meeting.
  2. Select a meeting type: One-time meeting or Permanent meeting. See One-time meetings for more information. 
  3. Enter a meeting name and type in the name of the moderator. The moderator can remove participants as well as mute and unmute all participants in a meeting. Participants must unmute their microphones to be heard.
  4. Set a numeric passcode to join the meeting: Everyone in your Lifesize account can see your meetings in the Meetings tab, but you can increase security by including a passcode to join. The passcode is automatically included in email and calendar invitations. All participants must enter a 4-10 digit numeric code to join the meeting. NOTE: Group chat is not available in meeting rooms using a passcode.
  5. Click  to set other meeting options:
    • Add a meeting description. Enter up to a 200 character description of the meeting. 
    • Choose a lecturer: Type in the name of the person you wish to assign as a lecturer. Participants can see the main speaker but not one another. The lecturer can remove participants.
  6. Click Save.

Meeting owners

If you create a meeting, you are the meeting owner. As the owner, you can remove participants during the meeting. You can also edit and delete your meetings. Click the meeting name to open the meeting details card. Click Delete or click Edit to change the name, description, or any advanced options.

Meeting owners have access to all recordings of their recurring meeting, and they determine the audience for their recordings within the Lifesize account. Admins determine whether people outside the Lifesize account can view recordings.

NOTE: Admins can edit and delete all meetings.

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