Web and Desktop App

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2022


Lifesize supports collaborative whiteboarding in Meetings, enabling any and all meeting participants to write, draw, and diagram on a shared digital canvas using a range of interactive tools.

Important: Whiteboarding is currently available to users of the desktop app, web app, or guest experience who join the same permanent or one-time meeting. It is not currently available for use with Lifesize Icon room systems or Lifesize mobile apps for Android and iOS, and is not supported during point-to-point or escalated calls.

Open the Whiteboard

To open the whiteboard, you must first join a permanent or one-time meeting. Once you have joined the meeting:

  • Click the Collaboration Tools button in the vertical menu at the right of the screen
  • Under Collaboration Tools, click the Open Whiteboard button

The whiteboard for your meeting will then open in a separate, secure window.

Note: Each Lifesize meeting has its own dedicated whiteboard. If being opened for the first time, the whiteboard will be blank. If used previously, the whiteboard will open in the state in which it was saved at the end of the previous session.

Using the Whiteboard

Everyone in the meeting can open and interact with the whiteboard simultaneously. As a user, when you open the whiteboard during your meeting, the window will include:

  • Your name
  • Name of the meeting
  • Number of active whiteboard users
  • Whiteboard canvas
  • Whiteboard tool menu

Tool Menu

  • Select – Select an item to position, scale, rotate, configure properties, or delete
  • Laser pointer – Point and click to use a digital laser pointer
  • Pen – Write or draw freely
  • Line – Draw a straight line
  • Rectangle – Draw a square or rectangle shape
  • Ellipse – Draw a circle or ellipse shape
  • Text – Enter standard text
  • Properties – View and edit properties for the currently selected tool
  • Clear Whiteboard – Clear the whiteboard of all current content (requires user to confirm)
  • Undo – Undo the previous action
  • Redo – Redo the previous action
  • Download – Download a PNG of the whiteboard in its current state

Close the Whiteboard

Close the whiteboard by closing the window.

Note: The whiteboard will be saved in its current state so that you may continue collaborating during your next meeting. If you wish to start over with a blank canvas the next time you open the whiteboard, click the Clear Whiteboard button before closing the window.