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Last Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Waiting Room

The Waiting Room feature provides additional security in meeting rooms, allowing meeting owners and moderators to control who can enter a meeting once it has started. When a meeting’s waiting room is enabled, call participants are redirected to a virtual waiting room until the meeting owner or moderator allows them to join. If the meeting is passcode-protected, the passcode must entered before the participant can enter the waiting room. When the call ends, the waiting room is reset and anyone still in the waiting room is removed. 

NOTE: Waiting Room replaces the former Lock Meeting feature.

Waiting Room is available for one-time and permanent meetings, with or without passcode, and can only be turned on from within the meeting from the web or desktop app. 

Enabling or Disabling the Waiting Room

  1. After joining the meeting as an owner or moderator, click on the Call details icon to access the Meeting Information panel.
  2. Click to enable or disable the Waiting Room toggle.
  • Any waiting participants will be moved to the active meeting if the waiting room is disabled 

Managing Waiting Room Participants

As participants join the meeting and are placed in the waiting room, a notification message is displayed to the meeting owner or moderator advising them of the meeting join request. Access can be granted from the notification, or by reviewing the Waiting Room participant list.

  1. As an owner or moderator, join a meeting has Waiting Room enabled.
  2. Access the Participant List
  3. Click to Allow or Deny for each of the participants in the Waiting Room section of the Participant List.
    – Allow moves the participant to the active meeting
    – Deny removes the participant from the waiting room, with a message advising to contact the meeting owner if they feel this is a mistake

When the call ends, the Waiting Room setting will reset, and anyone in the waiting room will be automatically rejected. 

Joining a Meeting with Waiting Room Enabled

If a meeting’s Waiting Room is enabled, you will be placed into a virtual waiting room until the meeting owner or moderator grants you access. Waiting room participants cannot see or interact with each other. 

  • If the meeting is passcode protected, you must enter the correct passcode prior to being placed in the waiting room

The meeting owner or moderator receives a notification when a participant is added to the waiting room. When your request to join the meeting is approved, you will automatically be directed to the meeting. If your request is denied, you will be removed from the waiting room with a notification stating that your request was not granted.