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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Schedule using Lifesize for G Suite

The Lifesize for G Suite add-on enables a native scheduling experience for individuals and teams who use Google G Suite for collaboration and productivity. The add-on can be installed by a G Suite administrator or by a user from the G Suite Marketplace.

When the add-on is installed, the Lifesize icon (  ) will appear in the side panel of Google Calendar.

Connecting to your Lifesize account

Click the Lifesize icon (  ) in the side panel of Google Calendar, then click Sign In to sign in to your Lifesize account.

Configure default meeting settings

When creating a meeting using the Lifesize for G Suite add-on, default settings will be used to generate the meeting invitation. These settings can be configured individually by each user. To configure the default settings:

  1. Click the Lifesize icon (  ) in the side panel.
  2. Click  More  to open Settings.
  3. Choose your default meeting:
    • Call Me Directly – participant(s) will call your personal meeting ID
    • New One-Time Meeting – participant(s) will join a new one-time meeting
    • Permanent Meeting – participant(s) will join an existing permanent meeting for your account
  4. If New One-Time Meeting is selected, you may optionally add a passcode, which can be generated automatically or entered manually.
  5. Click the Update Settings button to save your changes.

A field to enter a default description for your meeting is also available, should you wish to include specific details with each meeting invitation.

Creating a Meeting

To create a new Lifesize meeting:

  1. Click the Create button in Google Calendar or click on a desired time slot to create a new calendar event.
  2. Click Add Video Conferencing, then designate the calendar event for a Lifesize Meeting. Your default Lifesize meeting settings will then be applied to the calendar event.
  3. Enter the remaining details for the meeting and click Save.

You can also configure a new calendar event for a Lifesize meeting or edit the settings for the meeting by clicking the Lifesize icon (  ) in the side panel.

Joining a Meeting

With Google Calendar open, click the Lifesize icon (  ) in the side panel to see all Lifesize meetings scheduled for the day. To join a meeting that is scheduled or in progress, click the Join button next to the meeting name and time.

You may also join a scheduled Lifesize meeting directly from the Google Calendar event.

  1. Click the Google Calendar event to show the event details.
  2. Click the Join Lifesize Meeting button.

Editing a Meeting

You can edit the Lifesize meeting settings for any scheduled event:

  1. Click on the Lifesize meeting within Google Calendar to show the event details.
  2. Click edit  to open the event details for editing.
  3. Click the Lifesize icon (  ) in the side panel to open Settings.
  4. Edit the desired settings, then click Update Lifesize Meeting to save your changes.

Note: Editing settings for a scheduled meeting will update the settings for that meeting only. Default meeting settings will not be updated.

Recommended Configuration

To streamline the experience of adding video conferencing to meetings, turning off Google Meet video calling is recommended for users of the Lifesize for G Suite add-on. For instructions, please see the G Suite help documentation.