Lifesize® Icon™ Series 300/500/700

Last Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Configure Third-Party Meetings

  1. Open a browser and navigate to the IP address of your Icon.  
    NOTE: This can be found on your Phone HD by tapping Start > System
  1. Select the Third Party Meetings tab, where you can configure the following: 
Multi-Application Room Solution (MARS) mode  Enable Multi-Application Room Solution (MARS) mode to configure the system as part of a fixed installation with an external computer. Default is disabled.  
NOTE: Enabling Multi-Application Room solution (MARS) mode will hide/disable options for Join via your computer and Enable Third-Party Web-Apps.
Join via your computer Enable Join via your computer (BYOD) to use the meeting room camera, microphone, speakers, and room display with third-party meeting apps on your computer. The Default is disabled. 
NOTE: This option is not available/visible when Multi-Application Room Solution (MARS) mode is Enabled
Connection Type When Multi-Application Room Solution (MARS) mode is Enabled, choose a MARS configuration type:  
– Presentation Port: for “Hybrid” deployments with Icon 300/500/700  
– Display 2 Port: for “Wired” deployments with icon 500/700  

When Enable Third-Party Web-Apps is turned on, choose a Lifesize Connect configuration type:  
– Presentation port (Download required)  
– Display 2 port (No download required)  
Number of Displays Select the number of displays connected to the system, 1 or 2.  
NOTE: Only available/visible when Connection Type is set to Display 2 Port or Display 2 Port (No download required)
Enable Third-Party Web-AppsAllows the installation of a third-party web browser and the use of the meeting room system with third-party web applications.
Upload and install Google Chrome™ / Remove Google Chrome™Upload and install or remove the Google Chrome desktop browser for Linux x86 64-bit machines. For more information, see: Lifesize Connect Plus, Installing third-party apps 
NOTE: This option is not available/visible when Multi-Application Room Solution (MARS) mode is Enabled
Clear third party app data System administrators can choose whether to:  
– Clear all data 
– Retain authentication cookies
NOTES: This option is not available/visible when Multi-Application Room Solution (MARS) mode is Enabled. This option is only available/visible when a third-party app is installed.
Enable Virtual KeyboardAllows the use of the virtual keyboard. When enabled, a keyboard icon displays on the screen. Tap the icon to reveal or hide the virtual keyboard.
Enable 1080 ResolutionAllows the Connect+ display to show at 1080p resolution.
  1. Click Save

Clearing cached data when using a third-party web browser

To ensure user privacy and meeting confidentiality, System Administrators can choose to clear cached files, user data, and login information after each use or schedule it to be cleared at the end of each day. The following options are available via the system web interface when a supported third-party app has been installed. 

  • Clear all data – Clears all user data, including user account and login information and camera/microphone access authorization between each use.  
  • Retain authentication cookies– Retains the user account and login information between each use.   
Google Chrome™ is a trademark of Google LLC.