Lifesize® Icon™ Series 300/500/700

Last Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Wireless Presentation

This feature provides users with the convenience of sharing their desktop, an application, or browser tab from their computer into a video meeting or a local in-room presentation wirelessly via the Lifesize Icon system. 

Feature Overview

 The Wireless Presentation feature uses WebRTC, the same browser-based real-time communication technology used by Lifesize Cloud and other meeting apps and devices. Your computer must have a suitable network (Internet) connection to use this feature. 

Wireless Presentation uses a client-server architecture, where the user’s computer first connects securely to an internet-based server ( to pair with the Lifesize system in the meeting room. This is achieved by manually entering a six-digit alphanumeric code which is displayed on the main meeting room display of the Lifesize system. The pairing code is updated periodically for security purposes, allowing users the convenience to use the same code for the duration of their meeting but change regularly enough to ensure that privacy is maintained. Once paired, the user is prompted to select whether they wish to share their entire screen, a specific application on their desktop, or a tab in their browser. Users can also choose to share local audio from their computer. 

This client server architecture caters to computers which are both on the corporate network, on a guest network, or using a cellular network, avoiding the need to set up additional firewall rules or security policies. 

All connections established between the user’s computer, the Lifesize presentation server, and the Lifesize system are fully encrypted to maintain a high level of protection and confidentiality which is important in the modern workplace. 

Enabling Wireless Presentation

To activate the Wireless Presentation feature, access the Web Interface. Under System Behavior, you will see the option Enable Wireless Presentation, which is disabled by default. 

Recommended Browsers

Lifesize recommends using the latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari browsers with this feature. 

NOTE: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Mozilla Firefox browsers are not currently supported. 

Presentation Quality

Administrators should be aware that the video presentation quality achievable depends highly on two factors:

  • The reliability and throughput capability of the client computer’s network connection
  • The processing power and load on the client computer

If either of the above are compromised then the presentation or image quality can suffer. If you experience poor presentation quality, please verify these two elements before contacting Lifesize Support. 

Once enabled the system user interface, on-screen display, and server-side interactions are updated to allow users to share their screen via the network, without needing to connect additional cables in the meeting room.