Lifesize® Icon™ Series 300/500/700

Last Updated: Mar 01, 2024

Scheduled Meetings

Your Lifesize Icon is a powerful communications tool that lets you make ad-hoc calls by simply searching the directory to select the people or meeting rooms you want to connect with or join standing or scheduled meetings arranged in advance. This includes meetings on popular meeting services such as Microsoft Teams®, Zoom®, Cisco Webex®, and Google Meet™.  

For guidance on how to set up calendar integration on your Lifesize Icon video room system, please refer to Manage Calendars

Viewing Scheduled Meetings

The Lifesize Calendar displays a list of events that are scheduled during the next 48 hours—all entries in the room calendar show, not just video meetings. Entries in the Calendar become actionable during the scheduled meeting time.  

In addition to the calendar display, Lifesize provides a ‘one click join’ or ‘one touch join’ experience for Lifesize and other supported third-party meeting invitations. This provides a simple way to join scheduled meetings and calls without the need to search through Meetings, dial the number manually on the keypad, or click hyperlinks.  

Joining One Touch Scheduled Meetings 

When ‘one touch join’ is enabled and a meeting is due to start, a notification displays referencing that meeting. To join the meeting, click the Yes button. 

Note: The notification only remains visible for 10 minutes. If you miss this window and the pop-up disappears, click the Call button on the touchscreen and then click the Calendar button. Select the meeting you want to join. 

If the meeting that pops up is not the meeting you want to attend, click the No button. Then, click the Call button, click the Calendar button, and then select the meeting you want to join. 

Further Information – The Lifesize’ one touch join’ experience

As noted above, Lifesize provides a convenient, streamlined workflow to help users join scheduled meetings using a ‘one touch join’ capability. The ‘one touch join’ experience is supported on all Lifesize hosted meetings and cloud-connected Lifesize Icon systems associated with a room mailbox. 

Lifesize extracts the pertinent meeting details from email meeting invitations that are sent directly to the meeting room mailbox and presents an on-screen pop-up when the meeting is due to start.

Note: All meeting invitations generated via Lifesize meeting apps, the Lifesize add-in for Microsoft Outlook®, the Lifesize app for Microsoft Teams®, the Lifesize Scheduler for Google Calendar™, as well as invitations generated directly from the Microsoft Teams® and Zoom® apps automatically offer the ‘one touch join’ experience. 

Joining Scheduled Meetings on Third-party Services

Using SIP/H.323 

Lifesize Icon systems allow users to join meetings from other leading meeting solution providers as a guest. This interoperability is achieved through cross-platform calling, made possible by backward compatibility with H.323 and SIP communication protocols provided via the Lifesize cloud service.  

Important: Not all leading meeting service vendors support these protocols by default. Sometimes this is a chargeable option required for third-party or additional gateway services.  The meeting host or organizer should provide the ability to support H.323 or SIP calling for their meeting guests if this is required. 

Using Lifesize Connect Plus +

The “one touch join” experience is also available for Lifesize Icon 300/500/700 systems with v4.4.0 or later software set up to join third-party meetings directly via native web apps.  

When Connect Plus+ is enabled, the same pop-up window displays on the Phone HD. However, the appropriate third-party web app launches the call using Google Chrome instead of Lifesize Cloud dialing out to the third-party service via SIP or H.323.  

When Connect Plus+ is disabled, the system returns to making a SIP or H.323 call, giving users all possible options to join the meeting.  

For simplicity, the following logic applies:  

  • If calendar integration is set up and the Lifesize Connect Plus+ feature is enabled – the Icon 300/500/700 system attempts to launch the third-party web app to join the appropriate meeting.  
  • If calendar integration is set up and the Lifesize Connect Plus+ feature is disabled, the Icon system attempts to dial out via SIP/H.323 to reach the third-party service and join the appropriate meeting.  

Supported Third-party Meeting Invitations 

Third-party SIP/H.323 meeting invites supported by the Lifesize’ one touch join’ experience:

  • Amazon Chime™ meetings
  • Synergy SKY® meetings
  • Cisco Webex® meetings
  • Microsoft Teams® meetings
    • Either through an additional Microsoft® Cloud Video Interoperability gateway which supports Synergy SKY® Connect Plus gateway for Microsoft Teams and Pexip™ CVI gateway for Microsoft Teams 
    • Or natively run the Microsoft Teams® web app on the Icon room system using Lifesize Connect Plus +
  • RingCentral Video® meetings 
  • Google Meet™ meetings
  • Zoom® meetings
    • Either through an additional Zoom CRC (Conference Room Connector) gateway 
    • Or natively run the Zoom® web app on the Icon room system (Lifesize ConnectPlus) 

 Find out more about Managing Calendars or using Lifesize Connect Plus.

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