Lifesize® Icon™ Series 300/500/700

Last Updated: Jan 06, 2023

Advanced Audio Settings

System administrators can choose to enable access to advanced system audio parameters via the Phone HD to provide non-administrators the ability to change the system audio preferences. This feature is helpful for meeting spaces that are divisible or where furniture is often rearranged depending on intended use. 

  • For example, switching from a traditional meeting room setup, with a central table and chairs using the Lifesize Phone HD as the microphone and speaker, to a classroom or briefing style configuration with rows of chairs and a lectern using third-party ceiling or hand held microphones with an external DSP (Digital Signal Processor) to handle the in-room audio.

When the Show Advanced Audio Settings option is enabled in the system web UI, the Phone HD displays the following additional user accessible controls under System > System Settings:

  • Speaker – Allows the selection of the audio output
    • Valid options are Line OutPhone HD, or HDMI Out
  • Mic – Allows the selection of microphone input sources
    • Valid options are Line In or Phone HD
  • External Audio Processor – Enables a user to reconfigure the system for use with an external audio solution
    • This option is the same as enabling/disabling Audio Integrator Mode via the system web UI or command line interface. 
  • Audio Gain – Allows a user to select the audio input gain
    • Valid options for the analogue line input are Line LevelMic Level, or Mic with Boost

For more information on enabling this feature, refer to Configuring System Behavior