Lifesize® Icon™ Series 300/500/700

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2022

General Information

The Lifesize Experience – Introduction

Your advanced Lifesize Icon video conferencing room system is registered to the highly secure and powerful cloud-based Lifesize meeting service. This means your conference room is equipped with a class-leading 4K video meeting experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Send 4K video, share 4K presentation content, or screen-share easily and securely across the internet to any other similarly equipped Lifesize meeting room in the world!

Lifesize Extension Numbers

All Lifesize meetings, room systems, and users have their own unique Lifesize extension number. You can think of these numbers just like a telephone system. For example, dialing a person’s telephone number via the keypad and tapping CALL with the Video option selected makes a video call to that person or meeting room.

Telephone (Voice) Calls

Your Lifesize room system can make and receive telephone (voice) calls if enabled by your Lifesize administrator. To make a telephone call, simply go to Call then Keypad, dial the telephone number, select Voice, and press CALL.

NOTE: You may need to confirm with your Lifesize administrator whether you need to dial 9 (or similar) to access an outside line or public line. Or whether you will need to enter the complete STD or country code when making voice calls.

Directory and Favorites

The Directory on your Lifesize room system lists every person (user) and room in your organization, while Favorites only lists numbers that have been dialed before and then saved. The directory is listed alphabetically, with a presence indicator showing whether the user or room system is online (green) or offline (grey).

Lifesize administrators can also add Group Contacts for external organizations, whether they use Lifesize or other compatible third-party meeting services.


Under Meetings, you’ll find a list of all fixed Lifesize meetings or virtual meeting rooms created within your organization. Each meeting has its own unique Lifesize extension number and can be dialed manually via the keypad (see below) or by searching the meetings list and selecting the entry.

Meetings are listed alphabetically, with active meetings at the top for convenience. Status information shows the meeting as Ready when idle or inactive or the number of participants when active or in session.

NOTE: Only fixed/permanent Lifesize meetings or VMRs (Virtual Meeting Rooms) show under Meetings on the Phone HD. By default, one-time meetings do not show. Lifesize administrators can optionally hide meetings for privacy and confidentiality.


The Calendar option on the Phone HD displays a list of upcoming events during the next 48 hours. The calendar displays all entries in the room calendar, not only video meetings. Unlike entries within the Meetings list, entries within the Calendar only become actionable within the scheduled meeting time.

In addition to the calendar display, Lifesize provides a ‘one click join’ or ‘one touch join’ experience for Lifesize and other supported meeting invitations for third-party services. This feature provides users with a simple way to join scheduled meetings and calls without needing to search through Meetings or dialing the number manually on the keypad. The Lifesize room system shows a pop-up window on the Phone HD asking users whether they would like to join the meeting or not by offering them one button to push, yes or no.

Your Lifesize administrator must enable the Calendar and ‘one touch join’ feature within the Lifesize management console. Appropriate permissions must also be set on your Microsoft or Google calendaring solution.


Like your smartphone, Recents shows a list of incoming and outgoing calls made to or dialed from the Lifesize room system. Tap a recent entry to return or redial the call or save the calling details to Favorites.


The Keypad provides users with a way to manually enter a video or telephone dial string, including but not limited to: Email address format (URI), IP addresses, delimited strings, telephone numbers, and Lifesize extension numbers.


There are two types of guests. The first are those who join via their personal computer or a mobile phone; the other kind of guest is a third-party who has either a Lifesize or compatible H.323/SIP video conferencing system.