Lifesize® Icon™ Series 300/500/700

Last Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Using your system

With Lifesize Phone HD, you can manage audio, web, and video conferencing, as well as share your screen, making it easier than ever to collaborate with colleagues and partners. The vivid and responsive touchscreen interface provides rapid access to the most popular features. 

Quick controls

While in a call, the following estures can be used with the Lifesize Phone HD attached to a Lifesize Icon system:

  • Two ­finger touch on any screen mutes or unmutes
  • Two­ finger swipe up on any screen increases the volume by 10%
  • Two ­finger swipe down on any screen decreases the volume by 10%
  • Three­ finger swipe and hold on any screen moves the local camera in the direction indicated
  • Four ­finger touch on any screen takes you to the System options