Lifesize® Icon™ Series 300/500/700

Last Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Lifesize Connect Plus +

Many modern meeting solutions do not provide native support for traditional video conferencing protocol standards such as H.323 and SIP. Often, they require additional chargeable gateway services or paid features to unlock compatibility with other solutions. 

With ‘Lifesize Connect Plus,’ an enhanced version of “Lifesize Connect”, users can easily join a call on a third-party platform with all the available features of that third-party app without the need to bring or plug in their own computer. Joining a meeting can be done manually or through our one-click-to-join feature. 

‘Lifesize Connect Plus +’ increases the adaptability of Lifesize-enabled meeting rooms. It allows users to enjoy meetings on third-party platforms (e.g., Microsoft Teams®, Zoom®, etc.) directly on their Lifesize room system hardware, as well as access the Lifesize Icon 300/500/700 system camera, microphone, speaker(s), and main system display, using their own computer (commonly referred to as “BYOD” or “Bring Your Own Device”). 

Enable users to join via their computer using the room system camera and audio hardware

As part of the ongoing Lifesize device software subscription service, ‘Lifesize Connect Plus +’ offers system administrators greater flexibility when users join conferences on third-party platforms in Lifesize-equipped meeting rooms. 

Providing a ‘Join via your computer’ or ‘Bring your own device’ solution allows system admins to enable meeting room users to take over the system camera, microphone, speakers, and display to join meetings on otherwise closed services using their personal computer as a host to run the meeting app. 

A note for system administrators

We recommend that system administrators start by enabling only one Icon room system for test and evaluation purposes. This will allow familiarization with the new feature on Lifesize meeting room systems before roll out across the wider organization. This will also identify new workflows for users. 

Note: For help with the setup of Lifesize Connect for BYOD, see  Lifesize Connect Plus – Join via your computer.   

For detailed information about installing and using third-party apps, see Installing a Web Browser

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