Lifesize® Icon™ Series 300/500/700

Last Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Lifesize Connect Plus+

A User Overview

Unlike simpler telephone calling or voice meeting services, video meetings, conferencing, and collaboration technologies do not follow an internationally agreed-upon standard practice. Unlike voice communications, there’s no back-bone voice network like the PSTN (public switched telephone network) to rely on that everyone must be compatible with, so inter-working between different video meeting services and technologies is sometimes limited, often challenging, and in some cases not possible.

This is where ‘Lifesize Connect Plus +’ comes in. We have devised ways to help you cut through the techno-babble and associated mine-field of video service compatibility problems and get on with your meetings.

So how does it work?

Three options are available when joining third-party meetings from a Lifesize-equipped meeting room. These are:

  1. Dial out to one of the additional gateway services to join a meeting scheduled on another service. This option is available to all Lifesize customers and requires no specific knowledge of the meeting service. This uses common protocols (H.323/SIP) to inter-operate with other meeting services supporting the same standards.  
    If the “one touch join” feature is enabled, all you need to do is press Yes when prompted at the start of the meeting.  Learn More.
  2. Use the Lifesize Meeting Solution Selection page to directly access one of the supported third-party meeting platforms on your room system.  When “one touch join” is enabled, users press Yes when prompted at the start of a meeting.  
    Alternatively, on the Lifesize Phone HD touchscreen, click the Apps button and select the third-party platform you want to use. Once launched, the keyboard and mouse attached to the Icon room system drive the chosen third-party web app the same way you would on your own computer. You get all the native features of the hosting service with the Lifesize professional camera, audio, and AV peripherals. Learn More.
  3. Plug your computer into the meeting room setup to take over the camera, microphone, speakers, and display. 
    This “if all else fails – I have a backup plan” option requires you to plug in cables and set up the devices on your own computer, but it does allow you to join almost any meeting service using the room system camera, mic, speakers, and display. If your system administrator has enabled this option, you can click the Join via your computer  button on the Phone HD touchscreen and follow the on-screen instructions to start the pairing process. Learn More.
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