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Last Updated: Mar 12, 2024


Downloads of the Lifesize App are available on various platforms.

  • Windows Installation Package (MSI)
  • Lifesize App for Windows
  • Lifesize App for Mac OS X
  • Lifesize Connect Installer
  • Credentials to register Lifesize 220s to Lifesize

You can also schedule your Lifesize meetings on a Google or Outlook calendar

  • Lifesize Google Workspace Add-on
  • Lifesize Microsoft® Outlook® Add-in

MSI for Lifesize desktop app

Using and Customizing the Lifesize Windows (MSI) Installer

Download the configurable MSI file for Windows deployments of the new Lifesize desktop app at

When run, the MSI copies thelifesize_app.exe and the (embedded) settings.json files to the %PROGRAMFILES%\Lifesize Installer folder. It also inserts a “Run” key into the Windows registry that runs this installer on login.

When the user logs in next (after a reboot or logout), lifesize_app.exe runs and installs the Lifesize application into %LOCALAPPDATA%\lifesize_app. The Lifesize application itself then runs, copying the settings.json file from %PROGRAMFILES%\Lifesize Installer to the %AppData%\Lifesize [channel]\electron-settings folder before starting with those settings. The timestamp on the settings.json file is not the current date/time, which indicates that this process has completed successfully.

In order to change the default settings, an IT organization can disassemble the MSI with “dark.exe” and change the settings file that will be embedded. Alternatively, we can provide the WIX source itself, and/or the .wixobj file so that only linking/light.exe (not compiling/candle.exe) would be required.

Keep in mind that the MSI installer is just a medium to distribute the installer for the app. The app still installs to %LOCALAPPDATA% via the installer in the %PROGRAM FILES% folder, and it updates within %LOCALAPPDATA% as usual.


This is one way of many to “edit” the .MSI file so it can then be distributed with custom settings across an organization. This is provided as an example/guidance for IT departments as is, as this is part of a standard and it is not specific to Lifesize.

Download and install WiX Toolset
Add the WiX Toolset path to the system pathset path=%path%;%WIX%\bin
Download the lifesize MSI to a specific path, for example c:\msi\Lifesize.msi
Go to folder where the MSI was downloadedcd c:\msi
Extract cabinet content and WiX source file file from msi (use dark.exe)dark Lifesize.msi -x .
Edit the .\File\settings.json file as intended. Make sure that you do not break the JSON format.
Process and compile WiX source filecandle -ext WixNetFxExtension -out Lifesize.wixobj Lifesize.wxs
Link, bind and create new Windows Installer (MSI) filelight -sval -ext WixNetFxExtension -out “NewLifesize.msi” “Lifesize.wixobj

At this point you will have a new Windows Installer MSI file with your custom settings, that can be distributed to the rest of the organization. You may want to sign your newly created MSI using your own certificate and signtool.exe (