Lifesize Admin Console

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Set Up Live Stream

Lifesize Live Stream is ideal for organizations that want to live stream company meetings, executive updates and training sessions. Admins can enable Lifesize Live Stream, create Live Stream events and download the recordings. The Live Stream meeting owner or moderator can open the meeting to Q&A participation and manage responses to questions submitted by participants in real time.

All Live Stream events are recorded and are temporarily available for download from the Recordings tab. Learn more about managing Live Stream events and recordings.

NOTE: Q&A is not supported on mobile devices.

Set up a Live Stream event

  1. Log in to the admin console.
  2. Click Meetings from the navigation menu.
    • If adding a new meeting, click Create Meeting and complete the information required on the General tab and the Roles tab to define the meeting. The Meeting name cannot be blank.
    • If editing a meeting, click the name of the meeting to edit the meeting details.
  3. Click the Streaming tab, and then select and enter the required information.
    1. Click to Enable Live Streaming.
    2. If you want to embed the live stream into your website, copy the embed code (optional). This code can be refreshed if needed, and the previous code will be disabled. NOTE: Embedding is only available for public streams. Change viewing permissions to Public to generate the embed code.
    3. To include live Q&A, click to Enable Questions.
    4. If you do not want to approve questions before publishing them, enable the Auto-approve all incoming questions check box. With this option, all questions submitted through the Q&A panel will be visible to participants in the Live Stream event.
    5. Select the Viewing Permissions to allow for user participation in the meeting:
      • Public – Anyone that has the link can watch the Live Stream event.
      • Private – You must specify a passcode. Only those who enter the passcode upon joining can view the Live Stream event. This setting is recommended to restrict the Live Stream event to only those intended to participate. NOTE: This passcode is different than the meeting passcode.
      • Group Only – Only members of your group can view the Live Stream event.
    6. Copy the link generated on the Streaming tab, and the passcode if applicable, and send it to the meeting owner to include in the meeting invitation.  Clicking to copy the link does not include the passcode.
  4. Click SaveNOTE: When you are adding a new meeting, the link will only be available after you click Save.

Watch the following video for more information on Lifesize Live Stream.