Lifesize Admin Console

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Give a user advanced privileges

Lifesize admins can grant users permission to access the admin console and manage other users, meetings and systems.

  1. Log in to the admin console.
  2. Click  Users from the navigation menu.
  3. Find the user in the directory and click the user’s name.
  4. In the Edit user tab, enable the Give user access to the admin console option.
  5. Click Save.

Licensed users can be assigned one of three roles within the Lifesize app. These roles and their capabilities are as follows:


  • Place and receive calls
  • Mute your own audio or video
  • Create and own a meeting
  • Set or change a passcode for a meeting you own
  • Add or remove participants in a meeting you own
  • Mute all participants in a meeting you own
  • Chat with users or a group (If the administrator has enabled chat)
  • Live stream a meeting (if the administrator has enabled the meeting room for live streaming)
  • Record a meeting (if the administrator has enabled recording)
  • Specify who can view a recording for a recording you own


Same permissions as User plus:

  • View usage reports
  • Promote a User to a Superuser
  • Demote a Superuser to User
  • Manage and delete Superusers and Users 
  • Manage and delete any meetings that aren’t owned by the Administrator
  • Enable or disable chat
  • Enable or disable recording
  • Enable or disable live streaming on specific meetings
  • Enable or disable Lifesize Icon event alerts
  • Configure single sign-on (SSO)
  • Configure integration with common calendaring services
  • Configure dial-in PSTN Phone numbers, Icon wallpaper and meeting layouts
  • Restrict the user email domains allowed to create new accounts in the Lifesize app
  • Upload a recording
  • Automatic moderator controls when joining any meeting in their account

Administrator (Admin)

Same permissions as User and Superuser plus:

  • Administrator permissions and account cannot be changed or deleted by a User or Superuser.