Lifesize Admin Console

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Manage Live Stream

After enabling Lifesize Live Stream, you can view details about each event created, view historical and real-time data about events, download Live Stream reports and recordings.

When a Live Stream event is created in the admin console, the following details appear on the Live Streams tab of the Meetings page.

  • The Meeting Name
  • The Link to the Live Stream event
  • Permissions set for the event (Public, Group Only, or Private)
  • Live? status — whether or not streaming is in progress and, if live, the number of viewers In the event
  • History – Clicking  the Live Stream Event name opens the Live Stream details for the selected meeting room.

View Live Stream History

 On the Live Streams tab, click the Live Stream Meeting name to view a breakdown of the events for a specific meeting room. The History details include: date, time, and duration of each individual event, as well as the number of viewers for that event. Click the information icon in the Reporting column to view history details and download the report.

Click the Live Stream Event name in the reporting column to view history details and download the report.

Live Stream Event Details

The Live Stream details report lists all participants that attended the Live Stream event. Access to the Live Stream meeting link is included in this report. Click Export to download the report.

Download a Live Stream recording

All Live Stream events are recorded. After a Live Stream event ends the recording is temporarily saved to the recording owner’s account. If you have not purchased Lifesize Record and Share hours and want to permanently save Live Stream recordings for storing or sharing, the recording owner needs to download the recording as soon as it is available on the Recordings page.

  1. To download the recording, go to View Recordings and open the recording.
  2. Click   at the bottom of the screen.

If you have not yet enabled Lifesize Live Stream for your organization, learn how to set up Live Stream.

If you are a moderator, learn more about moderating a Live Stream event.