Lifesize Admin Console

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams integration

Create, schedule and join Lifesize video meetings directly from Microsoft Teams. The Lifesize integration with Microsoft Teams adds extraordinary video conferencing inside and outside your organization from within the Teams workflow.

Add Microsoft Teams integration


  • A Lifesize cloud account
  • Lifesize admin or super user
  • Purchased the Microsoft add-on from Lifesize
  • Admin for Office365
  • Global admin for Microsoft Teams
  1. Search the Microsoft app store for Lifesize.
  2. Add the Lifesize app to a Team/Channel. The Lifesize bot sends a greeting to that channel with a link to sign in to Lifesize.
    • In the event that the bot does not respond, type @Lifesize start to prompt the bot to send a sign in link. If the bot generates a link to join a meeting, the installation process has already been completed.
  3. Click the link and sign in to Lifesize. NOTE: You must be a Lifesize Admin/Super User to perform this function.
  4. After signing in, follow the link in the instructions to grant the Lifesize app permissions to automatically edit the Meeting Descriptions with Lifesize call-in details. NOTE: You must be an Office365 admin to perform this function. 

As a Team Owner or Channel Owner, you can add the Lifesize app to your Teams/Channels, and it is available for use by anyone in your organization.

Users can search and add the Lifesize app to their Teams/Channels and begin scheduling meetings with the assistance from the Lifesize app. 

Schedule a meeting


  • The Lifesize bot must be installed to a Channel. We recommend creating a Lifesize Assistant Channel in your Teams app.
  • Your Lifesize Admin must complete the set up process for the bot on that Channel. 
  1. Install the Lifesize integration from the Microsoft app store (one-time admin installation).
  2. Navigate to the Calendar tab in the left-hand navigation and select New Meeting.
  3. Add a title, location, channel, and description for the meeting and click Schedule. The Lifesize bot automatically generates a Lifesize meeting link to the Channel. NOTE: Make sure to invite a Channel that has the Lifesize bot installed.
  4. The Lifesize bot prompts you to add a Lifesize room system. Use the drop-down to select an available room and click Reserve. The bot then automatically reserves the Room and updates your meeting with the new Room Call in details.

When scheduling meetings for this Team/Channel, the Lifesize bot automatically removes the Microsoft Teams call-in details and adds a link to a Lifesize meeting.


  • Type @Lifesize start – this generates a meeting link which posts in the selected Team/Channel
  • Type @Lifesize help – this displays all available commands
  • Type @lifesize activate – this creates a link for your admin to connect Teams to Lifesize
  • Type @Lifesize deactivate – this creates a link for your admin to disconnect Teams from Lifesize