Lifesize Admin Console

Last Updated: Jan 09, 2023

Polycom RealPresence Group Series 500

  1. Enter the IP Address of the device in your browser. Enter your username and password.
  2. Navigate to Admin Settings > Network > IP Network > SIP.
  1. Configure the following:
  • Enable SIP.
  • Select Specify for SIP Server Configuration.
  • Select TLS for Transport Protocol.
  • Select Prefer UDP for BFCP Transport Preference.
  • Enter <Lifesize [email protected]as the Sign-in Address: 
  • Enter the SIP extension for the Username. This is the extension of the device.
  • Enter as the Registrar Server.
  • Enter as the Proxy Server.
  • Select Unknown as the Registrar Server Type.
  • Expand the Firewall section, and then enable H.460 Firewall Traversal.
  1. Click Save.

To view the status of your system, navigate to Diagnostics > System > System Status.

Configure LDAP

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > Servers > Directory Servers.
  1. Configure the following:
  • Select LDAP for the Server Type.
  • Enter as the Server Address. 
  • Enter the Server Port. See Open Network Ports for more information. 
  • Enter o=cloud, dc=lifesize, dc=com as the Base DN (Distinguished Name).
  • Enter o=cloud, dc=lifesize, dc=com as the Multitiered Default Group DN.
  • Select Basic as the Authentication Type.
  • Select the Use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) check box. 
  • Enter uid=<extension> as the Bind DN (Distinguished Name). 
  • Enter the password provided by Lifesize.
  1. Click Save.