Lifesize Admin Console

Last Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Manage Room Systems

Admins can view all of the Lifesize room systems in their Lifesize company account from the Room Systems page of the admin console.

  • To download the summary data for all of your room systems in CSV format, click Export All
  • For information about customizing your room system, see Customize your Icons and Customize your Lifesize Phone HD.
  • Pair your Lifesize Icon room system to the cloud-based service
  • To remove a room system from your Lifesize account, select the check box next to the system’s name and click Delete. If you remove a system associated with an individual user or shared conference room, only the system is disconnected. The user or conference room account is still available in your Lifesize account.

Click on a room system’s name to access management tools and additional information. 


  • Overview: Provides room system details and lets you select to hide the room system from the directory.
  • Device Subscription: Provides information on the status and type of device software subscription for this room system.
  • Calendar: Subscribe/unsubscribe to a calendar. Before you subscribe an Icon to the Calendar service, make sure you have configured calendar integration.
  • Enable Third-Party Web-apps: Allow access to third-party meeting services using Google ChromeTM.
  • Lifesize Connect: Allow Lifesize Connect to use the room system’s camera and microphone when joining third-party meetings on personal devices. When enabled, choose a Connection Type.
  • Multi-App Room Solution (MARS) mode: Allows the room system to be used as a Multi-App Room Solution. When enabled, choose a Connection Type.


  • Connect/disconnect a tablet
  • If Phone HD is connected, you can customize the home screen 


  • Monitoring displays your system’s overall current health status and visually depicts the status for availability and connected display, camera and microphone. If there is an issue, the date, time and details about the issue are displayed as well as an alert icon on the Maintenance tab. 
  • Reboot System
  • Send Log Files: Click Send to send log files and then contact Lifesize Support to report the issue. Log files are kept for 30 days.
  • Reset Admin Password: Reset the admin password for the room system.
  • Reset System Settings resets your system to the original factory settings, unpairs the system from the Lifesize service and shows the system status as Offline. NOTE: Systems reset manually are also unpaired from the service but their status will show as Online in the admin console.
  • Upgrade Management:
    • Displays the room system’s upgrade status and its current software version
    • Select your preference of Release Channel for the upgrade timing of your room system and click Update:
      • General Availability: This is the default setting. General Availability is the official release version that has been tested and proven stable for general use.
      • Preview: Provides early access to the General Availability version and is typically used on a small subset of systems for IT admins to verify the upcoming release. Usually released a week before general availability.
      • Hotfix: Only recommended to use if your system requires an urgent bug fix. Lifesize Support will recommend moving to this channel when a fix is available and can assist with moving systems to this channel. When the fix is included in the next General Availability release, you can change your release channel setting back to General Availability.
    • In rare cases where you need your room system locked on a specific version, please contact Lifesize Support. Once a system is locked, the release channel will show as Locked. You can unlock by selecting another channel.