Lifesize Admin Console

Last Updated: Mar 12, 2024

Meeting Settings

  1. Log in to the admin console.
  2. Click Account Settings from the navigation menu.
  3. Select the Meeting Settings tab.
  4. Select a main number and up to three additional phone numbers to appear in email and calendar invitations and on the Call Me page for guest users. If you do not make a selection for the main number, the US phone number is displayed by default. The main number also appears in My Profile in the Lifesize app and the My Info screen in Lifesize Icons and Lifesize Phones.
  5. Configure the information that shows in your Meeting Invites. A preview of how your invitation will appear to invitees displays.
    • Show meeting passcodes in all meeting invites: Includes passcodes in all meeting invites, even if you are not the meeting’s owner. As defined in the Meeting Passcodes setting, passcodes can be required or optional. 
      NOTE: Meeting owners will always see the passcode. If the passcode is hidden, other users or attendees need to contact the meeting owner for protected meetings.
    • Skype for Business: Includes a link to join your meeting from your Skype for Business app (Skype for Business add-on required).
    • Calling from a Lifesize conference room system: Adds information about how to join a meeting from a Lifesize conference room.
    • Show additional phone numbers: Adds the optional phone numbers you entered to your invite.
    • Other ways to call: Adds a link to other ways to call.
  6. Enable or disable having invitees enter the Waiting Room automatically when creating a meeting.
  7. Enable or disable having the invitees enter a required meeting passcode for all meetings.
    Note: If passcodes are required, some instant meeting features will be disabled in the Lifesize mobile app and the Lifesize integration for Microsoft Teams.
  8. Choose a default layout for your meetings.
    • Classic View
    • Gallery View
    • Active Speaker
    • Panel View
  9. Configure how meeting creation occurs.
    • Allow permanent meetings to be created: Allows creation of permanent meetings.
      Note: If restricted, permanent meetings can only be created in Admin Console.
    • Hide one-time meetings from the directory by default: Hides one-time meetings from the directory by default.
      Note: Hidden meetings are only visible to the owner or moderator in the directory.
    • Hide permanent meetings from the directory by default: Hides permanent meetings from the directory by default.
      Note: Hidden meetings are only visible to the owner or moderator in the directory.
  10. Enable or disable automatically starting a recording of all meetings. The recording automatically starts when two participants join the meeting, and it can only be stopped by ending the meeting.
    Note: This does not include ad hoc meetings.
  11. Set the number of days before inactive meetings expire and are automatically deleted. Enter the number of days to wait for Permanent Meetings and One-time Meetings.