Lifesize Admin Console

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Manage Users

You can manage users in your Lifesize account group from the admin console.

Sign in and select Users. Use Search to quickly find a user in the directory. 

Delete a user account Click the check box beside the user name and then click Delete. Any meetings owned by the user that you delete are reassigned to the account admin. If a deleted user is the moderator of a meeting, the moderator changes to the account admin.
Change a user passwordSelect the user’s name to open the Edit User dialog box and then click Reset Password to send an email to the user with a password reset link.
Change a user display nameClick the user’s name to open the Edit User dialog box, then enter the new name, and click Save.
Hide user from DirectoryClick the user’s name to open the Edit User dialog box, then enable/disable the Hide User from Directory option. When enabled, this allows you to hide a specific user from the Directory.
View paired device informationClick the user’s name and then click the Devices tab. Displays if you have a device associated to yourself. You can disassociate a device by selecting the link Disassociate device from user. When you do that the device becomes offline and unpaired to the account and is removed from the room systems list. The device needs to be repaired either as a conference room or paired to an individual user.

NOTE: To download a copy of the user directory, click Export All. You can also: