Lifesize Admin Console

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Initial pairing of your Lifesize Icon

Follow these steps during your Icon’s initial configuration for Icons 400/450/600/800.

Remember:  You must have a Lifesize user account set up before connecting.

  1. When the initial configuration wizard asks you to join the Lifesize cloud-based service, select Yes.
  2. Open a browser and navigate to the URL shown on your Icon.
  3. Sign in with your Lifesize email address and password.
  4. Enter the activation code shown on your Icon.
    TIP: Scanning the QR code opens the sign-in page. Sign in and your code already appears.
  5. You can associate the Icon to an individual user or a conference room.
    Individual userMe allows Lifesize end users to associate the device to themselves.User allows Lifesize admins to associate the device to any user or existing room system in their Lifesize group.Conference roomUse this option if the device resides in a conference room and is intended for multiple users.Creates a separate Lifesize account for the Icon. Enter a name for the system that will appear in the directory. Optionally, enter an email address for calling the system.
  6. From the Icon main screen, navigate to >  to view the status of the system. If it is connected, Ready shows for Communications > Lifesize Cloud Service.

For Icon 450 only: At the end of the Lifesize pairing process, you will see an option to set up smart-framing. Select Yes to start the calibration process or select No to set up later. See Smart-framing calibration for more information.