Lifesize® Icon™ 400/450/600/800

Last Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Icon 450: Smart-framing

Lifesize Icon 450 is designed with smart-framing that automatically adjusts the camera to ensure that everyone is visible and centered. Smart-framing is disabled until the calibration process has been completed. See Smart-framing calibration for more information.

Once calibrated, smart-framing is only activated when you are in a call.

By default, the Framing button will be set to On. At any time you can turn off smart-framing and take control of the camera. While in a call, swipe left and tap Camera. Press Framing to toggle smart-framing on or off. Smart-framing will remain off until you turn it back on or until the next call begins. After a call ends, smart-framing will be reactivated and ready for the next call.

To learn more, see Smart-framing FAQs.