Lifesize® Icon™ 400/450/600/800

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Restricting reserved ports

To place calls to other devices through a firewall, you must configure your firewall to allow incoming and outgoing traffic to the Lifesize system through the reserved ports. Users placing calls through a firewall to systems with public IP addresses may experience one-way audio or video if the firewall is not properly configured to allow two-way audio and video traffic.

By default, Lifesize systems communicate through TCP and UDP ports in the range 60000 – 64999 for video, voice, presentations, and camera control. Lifesize systems use a subset of these ports during a call.

NOTE: The minimum number of required ports is 100.

To minimize the number of UDP and TCP ports that are available for communication, restrict the range by changing values in Preferences > Network > Reserved Ports. Lifesize recommends that the range you choose, if other than a subset of the default range, begins with a port number greater than 49151. The range must start with an even number and end with an odd number to include an even number of total ports. For a range that starts at 62000, set the lower end to 62000 and the upper end to 62099 to allocate a range of 100 ports, the minimum.

NOTE: Changing the values in Reserved Ports causes the system to restart.