Lifesize® Icon™ 400/450/600/800

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Scheduling automatic system reboot

You now have the option to have your Lifesize Icon automatically reboot at a prescheduled time you select. Follow the instructions below.

SSH to the command line of the Lifesize Icon system you would like to configure and then log in.

At the rbsh> type in the command clish.


Now you have entered the command line interface shell, and you should see $.

When used with the get verb, the autoreboot target shows the current setting and local time of the nightly automatic reboot feature. If enabled, the device reboots at the specified local time if the system is sleeping at that local time. An awake system will reboot the next time the system goes to sleep. When used with the set verb, this target controls whether or not the device automatically reboots each evening and optionally can specify the local time to perform the automatic reboot. Times are based on a 24-hour clock.

get Arguments: None

get Examples:

get system autoreboot



get system autoreboot –V

Nightly Reboot, Hour, Minute, Second



set Arguments:

< {on|off|keep}>on enables auto rebootoff disables auto rebootkeep preserves current value, useful to change only the time
[-H {0..23}]Specify the hour.
[-M {0..59}]Specify the minute.
[-S {0..59}]Specify the second.

set Examples:

enable the auto reboot feature

set system autoreboot on


disable the auto reboot feature

set system autoreboot off

change the auto reboot hour to 23

set system autoreboot on –H 23


change the auto reboot hour and minute to 21:30

set system autoreboot keep –H 21 –M 30