Lifesize® Icon™ 400/450/600/800

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Directory servers

If you are not using another method to populate your Icon’s directory (such as the Lifesize cloud-based service, UVC ClearSea or UVC Manager), you can configure your Lifesize system to load user information from an external directory that uses LDAP. When you integrate a directory server, user information from the directory server is available from the video system in  > .

Configure the directory server integration in Preferences > Directory.

PreferenceDescriptionDefault Value
HostnameHostname or IP address of your directory server.No default
Username and password with login access to the directory server.No default
BaseThe base Distinguished Name (DN) used to query your directory server.No default
PortThe directory server port.No default
EncryptionIf TLS is enabled, your Lifesize video system negotiates a secure connection on the directory server’s port.None

The LDAP directory refreshes its data when you navigate to  >  and 10 minutes have passed since the last refresh. A refresh occurs only if the directory is in use. Refreshing directory data includes adding new entries, updating existing entries, and deleting entries that are no longer in the server’s database.