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Last Updated: Jan 25, 2023

UVC Video Center

With a UVC Video Center in your environment, Lifesize video systems can initiate a recording to UVC Video Center at any time.

Configure UVC Video Center integration in Preferences > Record and Stream.

PreferenceDescriptionDefault Value
RecorderSelect to integrate the Lifesize video system with a UVC Video Center.Disabled
Recorder HostnameEnter the IP or DNS address of the recording and streaming server.No default
Recorder PortTypically, you can accept the default value of 443.NOTE: If your network uses NAT with port forwarding rules that remap port 443 between the video system and the server, Recorder Port must reflect the remapped port number.443
Recording KeyEnter a value to provide a default key to use for server authorization for all recordings from this system. If you leave this preference blank, the system prompts users to enter a key for each recording.No default
Default Recording LayoutChoose to record All CallersNear Video Only, or Far Video Only.NOTE: A layout specified through the recording key on UVC Video Center overrides the Default Recording Layout set at the video system.All Callers

Learn about the transmitted resolution during a presentation when recording is enabled.