Lifesize® Icon™ 400/450/600/800

Last Updated: Jan 09, 2023

Camera Diagnostics

Configure camera preferences in Diagnostics > Camera:

  • auto focus
  • lock the camera position
  • anti-flicker
  • auto exposure
  • brightness
  • white balance

Diagnostic camera preferences are available only if the selected camera is connected to the Lifesize system and Connected appears as the status for the camera in Diagnostics > System Information and in  >  on the system’s display.


Lights powered by a 50 Hz power source can produce a flicker that the camera captures and transmits to the system. If you are using lights powered by a 50 Hz power source and observe a flicker in the video, set Anti-Flicker to 50 Hz. The default value is Auto.

NOTE: The value you choose for this preference applies to all cameras connected to the system.

Some camera exposure settings designed for use in rooms lit by sunlight may result in a flicker. To remove the flicker, increase the Brightness setting.

Auto Exposure

Auto exposure refers to how a camera automatically adjusts its aperture and shutter speed to affect video image brightness. Choose an auto exposure method for the camera by specifying one of the following values for HD Auto Exposure Method:

Full FrameDefault value. Adjusts exposure for the average brightness of a full frame of video.
Center-weightedAdjusts exposure for the average brightness of a full frame of video, but assigns a higher weight to the center of the frame.
SpotAdjusts exposure for the average brightness of a small area in the center of the frame.
ManualDisables auto exposure. Adjust exposure manually by changing the value of Brightness.


Camera brightness refers to the amount of light received through the lens of the camera. Improve dim scenes by adjusting room lighting and manually adjusting the camera brightness.

If you select an auto exposure method, the camera self adjusts based on the brightness setting. Adjusting the value of Brightness sets a new target value.

If the auto exposure method is Manual, the camera uses the brightness setting only.

White Balance

Camera white balance refers to how a camera references the color white, which is a mixture of all colors. Adjust the white balance when video color appears to be unbalanced. White balance is affected by the type of light source.

When the value is set to Auto, the default, your Lifesize system determines the proper value for the camera’s white balance by automatically adjusting to changed lighting conditions in the room.