Lifesize® Icon™ 400/450/600/800

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2023

Diagnostic Tools

System InformationDetails about your system, including serial numbers and versions, are available in Diagnostics > System Information.Access system information also in  >  on the system’s display.
System LogsSave system logs to your computer in Diagnostics > System Logs.Set log levels in Preferences > System Log Levels. Lifesize recommends using a syslog server for integrated configurations.NOTE: If you disable the logs for DatabaseSystem StatusTimer, and Video Hardware, rebooting the system returns the log levels to their default values.
Diagnostic ReportSupport personnel might request that you capture a diagnostic report from your system to identify the cause of a problem with your system.When you are instructed to gather information, select Diagnostics > Diagnostic Report > Generate Diagnostic Report.
CameraUse the camera diagnostics to adjust camera brightness and white balance and correct some types of flicker. Read more about camera diagnostics.
Call RecordsTo download call history, select Diagnostics > Call Records > Download Call Records. Read more about call records.
System Health IndicatorThe health icon  that appears on the main screen is an indicator of a system issue. Read more about system health.