Lifesize® Icon™ 400/450/600/800

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2023

System name, date, and time

System name

Define the video system name in Preferences > System > System Name.

NOTE: The system name is defined through the Lifesize cloud-based service when you connect the Icon to the service.

System date and time

The system date and time are automatically set if one of the following conditions exists:

  • DHCP is enabled in Preferences > Network > Use DHCP and the DHCP server passes an NTP server address to your system.
  • You specify the hostname or IP address of an NTP server in Preferences > Date and Time > NTP Server Hostname.

NOTE: The value you specify for NTP Server Hostname is used in addition to any NTP server address that a DHCP server passes to your system.

The time zone is not set automatically. Navigate to Preferences > Date and Time to specify the time zone.